An evaluation of China’s isolated internet


I almost missed my flight back to the States. While the ticket says August 18 at 12:15 AM (which is technically Wednesday’s night), I for some stupid reasons thought it was scheduled for Thursday’s night. Probably, I wasn’t really keen on coming back, so I didn’t really pay…

Media convergence: Who made what converge


Convergence in the media landscape is an interesting phenomenon. Although the idea of convergence seems to center around how digital content are made available on all media platforms, new and old, I tend to instead think about those pioneering visionaries who created all the media platforms that have…

The Verge: Apple of the digital publishing industry


“The Verge is a window to how we live now and how we live next,” said an editor in a site’s promotional video. Parented by Vox Media, The Verge is a technology news website whose co-founder and former editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky envisioned to be home to the next-generation…